Hidden Family Treasures

Feb 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is difficult to say from among the number of very special human beings who are a part of my life which is the most important! Aren’t we glad we don’t have to make that choice?

Spouses, children, parents, siblings, extended family, grandchildren, great grandchildren, significant others, etc and on and on, each and all play a special part in our lives. Their particular, special and peculiar contributions are immeasurable. They are treasures, hidden within our hearts, and gifts that unfold over and over in our living.

And the list is not even complete. We are blessed with in-laws and 2nd and 3rd cousins, uncles and nephews and nieces and favorite aunts, grannys only vaguely remembered and grampas who help us connect with the past. Beyond that are those we haven’t even discovered yet. And beyond that are those we haven’t seen in years.

As we age we discover that family has its marvelous hidden secrets and incredible treasures tucked away in the leaves of some favorite book or buried in an antique trunk, or written on the pages of a family Bible. There also may be antiques, paintings, photos, or other mementos with notes attached telling of some great family moment.

There are so many of such mementos scattered around our house that it could be a walking museum or offer chapters of the history of our family and dear ancestors. A wallet, carried in the Civil War, by my great grandfather, a shaving mug owned and well used by my grandfather, knives collected by my father, a charcoal painting of my maternal great grandfather, shotguns belonging to my grandfathers, toys from my maternal grandfather and my favorite great aunt on my spouse’s side, spectacles, change purses, the memorabilia is virtually endless. Valuable? Who knows? Special? Absolutely!

All of this serves as a connection which has brought and gives life meaning. Some of it may be only short term memories, others of it may serve to conjure up affection and tears and lasting treasures of experience that helped make you the person you are. All of it serves as ingredients of your life, its particularity, its uniqueness, its wonder. All of it helps to make up you!

Spend time in reflection now and then over those who have and continue to give you gifts of what helped make you you. They deserve your gratitude and refection. They weren’t wasting time when they offered you a part of them. They were showing you something about life and its wonders. Wonder now how they knew you would find so much in what they were willing to share!

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