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Seniors Enjoy Having Fun

Halloween makes seniors and those who are aging, but don’t admit it, young again.  Anything that contributes to having a good time is an elixir for youth.  Laughter and frivolity are stimulants for staying and being young. Being in the moment and a part of the festivity allows you to behave in youthful ways.  Why not be a part of the crowd who finds Halloween to be an occasion for good times?

Within the hour or so that trick or treaters find their way to your door, have the lights on to invite and greet them.  Stock up on a variety of goodies to share with your callers.  Have your own party.  If a group of trick or treaters arrives on your doorstep, invite them in for a few minutes.  Let them know that you are a cohort in pursuit of fun.

Tips For Celebrating Halloween

Put on a costume or at least a Halloween mask.  Have eerie music emanate from your sound system, give your tricksters a treat by just stopping at your door.

Awaken your own desire to have a good time by offering your guests a chance to know that you are more than a confectionery stop. Let them in on the secret that aging allows for being in good spirits and you can be, like them, part of the scene of the occasion.

Don’t worry that you may miss your favorite television show.  Put on your own show.  Who knows someone may pick it up on Facebook and it will become viral and you will be famous, at least for 15 minutes.

So, prepare now for the big night.  Decide who you will be and what you will do.  Outdo your neighbors.  Become the talk of your street.  As for those who choose not to play the game, let them eat cake and stay inside and miss all the joy of being young again.

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