Green Ideas for Gray Hairs

Feb 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The roar from the naysayers seems to have died down. More and more senior citizens across the world, notwithstanding the holdout by the U.S. over the last 8 years, are turning to an enhanced awareness of Going Green. It’s about time. A lifespan of 50 or more years should result in some cause and effect conclusions.

Having awakened to the scientific, environmental, sociological contributors to our world, both tiny and great, it is now our turn to demonstrate some of the information which is daily being pumped into the mainstream.

Yet, there are still those who continue in denial. There are those who are afraid some minor adjustment in life style will create such major adjustments that they blithely ignore the fundamental realities of our global condition.

Some suggestions:

*Start reading. Read anything you can get your hands on, eyes glued to, that will offer you insights into the state of being of the world today. National Geographic and Discovery Channels are among the best cable and satellite offerings. Beyond that, Google “environment,” “warming,” “extinction,” etc for a search that will lead you into helpful and incisive information.

*Engage in conversations with others. Identify persons who have already begun exploring outside the box.

*If you have children or grandchildren, discuss with them their insights. Get ready for a real wake up call.

*Find out what your Carbon footprint is and do something about it.

*Explore conscientious ways to help alert others in your circle, neighborhood, etc.

*Talk to local authorities about what is going on in your area to be more sensitive to going green. Start a movement within your realm of influence to awaken persons to doing what they can to contribute to solutions.

*Join Wilderness Society and other organizations which work diligently at addressing more serious and direct issues affecting wildlife. Also give the Conservation organization a look.

*If your only opinion is an uniformed opinion, limit sharing your opinion until you have brought yourself up to speed, but watch your speed, because that contributes to pollution as well!

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