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Seniors Remain Positive and Upbeat

The article, ‘Taking Pride” in yourself ran for two days and attracted considerable response.  That tells me that our audience is ready for good news, encouraging words, uplifting messages that help us cope with the world as it is.  Unwilling to back off, America stood up on Election Day and did the best it could.  No, everything is not now perfect nor guaranteed to see immediate improvement.  Yes, America has chosen a course that affirms possibility and openness to work together.

Was Mr. Romney discredited?  No, he just didn’t offer a course and an attitude most of America seems now to desire.   His vision was not a shared vision.  His hopes were not the majority’s hopes.  Let us now look ahead, move with renewed confidence.  Let us thank Mr. Romney for  bringing into focus those dynamics for which we must now work and dedicate our common energies.  Those dynamics include caring for one another, opening the door wide to welcome those whose presence in America broadens us and enables us to understand and accept unity.   They invite us to be understanding, willing to devote ourselves to a sense of common cause, insist upon a spirit of looking into each others eyes and declaring our desire to be brothers and sisters.  It pushes to the front those issues that allow us to test the real meaning of democracy.

Let the Light of Goodness Shine

It is a Good Morning.  Tomorrow can be better.  The slander and vicious language to which we have been subjected can now stop.  It is up to us to demonstrate how to behave in ways that allow the light of goodness to shine on us all.  It is now time for us to put away the behaviors that emphasize our lesser selves.  It is time for all of us, you and me alike, to affirm one another in hope, trust, confidence, compassion, understanding, caring.

It is time to make real our convictions.  It is time to put aside prejudice and greed and belittling behavior.  It is time for an America in which each of us vows to be persons of integrity, honesty, affirmation and unified goodness.

This is our chance to contribute to making our world a better one.  This is our occasion to make our faith in humankind real.  This is the time to work hard at making our nation what we have said it is.  This is our moment to engage in exchanging fantasy of who America is to the reality it really can be.

Good Morning, Mr. and Mrs. America.

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