Good Morning from Texas: Seniors Preparing to Move

Jun 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Back in Texas at Concord Lodge.  How utterly beautiful.  Profuse green, almost tropical, birdsong around and above us, reminds us of home, which it has been for over ten years.  This time is different, however.  The  process for dealing with aging has come down to eliminating lots of stuff.  What has taken 35 years plus to accumulate is being distributed on tables, dug out of drawers and cabinets, priced and made ready for sale.  The inevitable has arrived.

So stuff that seemed so important and valuable now sets on tables ready to be hauled away by strangers.  It is no easy adventure.  Having talked about it here before, the reality of choosing, sorting and finally attaching a value to each item  is not so hard.  The reason, I think, people delay and procrastinate at this chore is because it is just easdier to leave things where they are. That’s the reason seniors seem to enjoy settling in and and being surrounded by the familiar day by day. 

When the time comes, and it inevitably will, it is really better to be in the catbird seat so  choices can be made that make you feel good.  Who will get grandma’s favorite dishes, what about granpa’s collection of lures?  These are the choices that are pleasant and fun.  The rest comes easy.  Slap a price on it and it will sell, when the big day arrives.  I admire the folk who go abvut their estate sales with professionalism.  There is no sentiment.  Just a job to be done. 

When it is all over, it will, I know, feel better.  Getting through it is both laborius and tiring.  A load will have been removed.  Responsibility for care and keeping of stuff will have been shifted.  Memories will have been sold for a song.  yes, I know, it has to be done. 

Having come to this nearly final step, the redefinition of who we are as seniors will have been set in motion.  We will be less characterized by what we have. We will be freed of the belongings we have enjoyed, but, in truth, have held us somewhat captive. 

Take the time to think it all through.  Decide about your “last” move and get at it.  Stuff will accumulate dust and will not remove themselves from shelves or view.  Get ready to live out your life with less to carry around or take care of.  Take charge.  You will feel better about being the alpha person among all the stuff that has so long dominated your life.

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