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A Grandparenting Moment…

Thumbing through a variety of materials over the weekend, I came across this lighthearted story from the pen of Leslie Weatherhead. It is a story that may prove useful to share with your grandchildren, as they go about the task of growing up.

“At school,” he says, “I sat next to a boy whom I envied with all my soul. He was so very lucky. His father was so very kind, and my father was apparently so hard and unjust. The boy lived in the country. If it was a lovely day, he would be allowed to go haymaking, instead of coming to school. He could go fishing or do what he liked. And when examinations came, he just stayed away again. My cruel, unjust and heartless father demanded that I should not only go to school every day, but even when examinations were on.

Important Life Lessons

“I hated school with all my heart. I can even remember hearing that if you got your feet wet, you developed a cold which could keep you from school. I clearly remember taking a jug of water up to my bedroom and pouring water over my feet and getting into bed with them sopping wet in the hope that in the morning I would have a cold and need not go to school. But I only got colds on the holidays. Unfortunately, for the sake of this illustration, I have lost touch with my fellow scholar, but I can now see how wise and good and just my father was, and I thank God for him now.”

The road of life isn’t a smooth one, nor is it absent from trials and hard-fought lessons. The daily challenges that make us able to handle life and all it brings are some of the hard-learned lessons from our childhood.  The more experience we have addressing the gamut of life experiences as children, the better prepared we are to address the variety of adult life challenges we are surely going to encounter.

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