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Holidays Are For Families

Family members, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, grandparents are pointed in the direction of home as the Holiday season nears. With a major winter’s storm on the heels of many, there is, however, impending difficulty awaiting those who travel.  Not to  be discouraged, these hearty souls anticipate arrival to a warm hearth, genuine embraces, and the reunion celebration only this season can bring.

Its a different holiday this year.  Its meaning has been deepened by events that have shaken the souls and spirits of thousands upon thousands.  It is not quite being taken for granted, as often in the past.  Its profound and moving emotion has reached into the soul and heart.  Recognizing the value of family and friends and the fleeting way of life, we have heard the echoes of gun shots seeking to drown out the whispers of love.

We have come to know the pain that comes when loss abounds.  We have seen the tears flow, the embraces attempt to ward off fear, the rescue of those who have offered their longings to be present.

It is a different holiday.  It is a time when skepticism surrenders to compassion.  It is a time when caring moves into first place.  It is a time when the cynics and grinches among us fade into the woodwork.  It is a moment when love writ large across our brows moves in to replace those who are even themselves learning what the spirit of the season really means.

Goodness, Mercy, Love and Grace Prevail

Homecoming has a new and deeper meaning this year.  It is found in the instant displays of remembrance, seen in the kneeling of hundreds as they gather around temporary memorials.  It is witnessed as friends and strangers share the loving embrace meant to communicate understanding.

This is no ordinary holiday.  It is one that has shifted the paradigm.  What was once real is no longer so real.  But goodness and mercy and love and grace have multiplied in their presence, have offered a huge and abiding presence, as all of us learn to cope with Homecoming’s new meaning.

There is more to being at home, with loved ones, among those who care and know the feelings that this season now brings. There is a sense of solace and safety and serenity by being among those who know how best to share the streams of compassion as we join together to be together.

Homecoming is now more than a brief experience in uniting for festive meals and gift giving.  It is a moment for the heart to blend with the hearts of many others who have come to appreciate the new meaning of being home.

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