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Meaningful Gifts for Seniors

What meaningful gift can you get for Grandma who lives in the nursing home?  Or Uncle Robert who is in assisted living? or Aunt Betty and Uncle George who are still at home, but don’t go out much anymore and drive only to the grocery store, gas station and church?  Holiday gift-giving has its challenges, and buying gifts for senior citizens is at the top of the list.

SCJ has some suggestions that may prove helpful in solving this dilemma.  Most seniors have all the ‘stuff’ they want and need, so buying a trinket just to give a gift is likely not the answer.  But taking a look at the lifestyle of seniors and identifying what might be helpful or might prove useful in their lives is more likely where the answers lie.

For your elderly loved one in a more restricted setting such as a nursing home, the following suggestions may give you some gift ideas:

  • warm socks with non-skid strips on the bottom;
  • a prayer shawl or lap blanket;
  • certificate (that you make on the computer or by hand) for lunch out with you once a month for the next year; if your loved one is unable to go out, then it’s lunch in the nursing home with her/him once a month for the next year;
  • lunch or dinner in her/his room with their favorite meal from pre-nursing home days; you prepare the meal and bring it in, after notifying the appropriate administrative personnel in the nursing home;
  • if your loved one enjoys reading, a book (large print) that you think he/she might enjoy;
  • plant or flower arrangement to brighten up their room; if you want something that lasts longer, get a nice silk flower arrangement;

If your loved one lives in assisted living or remains at home but activities are limited, the list above applies as well as the following:

  • gift card for gas, or movies, or favorite restaurant, or car wash or a generic bank gift card that can be used anywhere;
  • lunch out with friends that you put together on their behalf;
  • postage, envelopes, greeting cards, return address labels (that you prepare on the computer);
  • magazine subscriptions;
  • monthly (or weekly if you have the time) trips out for errands, groceries, meetings, church, etc;
  • a calendar big enough to see and write appointments on;
  • if they have a walker or wheel chair, a nice bag to carry miscellaneous items in;
  • if your female elderly loved one uses a cane, dress it up with artificial flowers;
  • gift certificate for hair styling and/or manicure and pedicure;

If none of these ideas work for you, just think through the daily lives of the senior citizens in your family and you will probably come up with gift ideas that will be helpful and that they will enjoy.

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