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Gifts Seniors Can Give to Loved Ones

In addition to the article SCJ posted yesterday about gift giving to elderly loved ones, the quandary about gifts is also met by those elders. Seniors experience a variety of concerns as they begin choosing gifts to give during the holiday season.

If on a limited or fixed income, the very act of spending may give pause.  If compromised in being able to move around to do the necessary shopping, that will be another of the limiting causes not to shop.  If not Internet savvy or equipped, it may be beyond the senior’s reach to go online for gift giving.  If restricted to a care facility, where possibility for getting out and about may prohibit gift buying, the options become extremely few.

Here are some possibilities that may be welcomed by seniors, in these and other circumstances.

  • Consider that those to whom a senior wishes to give a gift are not in dire need of anything.  So what could they want or find appealing.  Something special from your hand, a kind note, a card with a unique greeting, a handmade item, such as a hand sewn towel, a knitted something, e.g. a warm scarf, a special one of a kind piece that will become a remembrance and a keep sake.
  • It is not so much the gift that carries importance for the senior as it is the act and desire to be present in another’s life.
  • Acknowledging the need for seniors to offer something to others is one way that they receive affirmation of their continuing importance and presence in and among the family.  Having the chance to feel a part of the celebration, to be included, to sense the necessity for their involvement is a means for keeping alive the spirit of the holidays.
  • Finding ways with seniors that enables them to know they are a part of the holiday and they are still at the center of the love and warmth that is exchanged during these days is vitally crucial.  Seniors aren’t cast-aways.  They are us and eventually younger persons will become more and more aware and sensitive, if they aren’t already, to giving attention to us.
  • However small the gift, the intention and motivation to be included, appreciated, affirmed, celebrated as a part of the circle remains crucially important.  Comments on the gift given, acknowledging how precious it is will also add to the senior’s sense of being a part of it all.

So, before the holidays arrive, decide how to make the elderly loved ones in your family an accepted and critical part of the season, its gift giving and receiving, its joy at having those who are older still around.



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