Gadgets and Their Advantages for Seniors

Mar 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Just a few years back, a friend, who was past 100 years old, decided she needed to learn to use the computer. She undertook the project and before she died had conquered it sufficiently to find it helpful and practical in its usefulness.

Getting older does not deter the possibility for continued learning. Sloth, giving up, caving in, making excuses all hold us back, as we age, from new and wondrous experiences.

The proliferation of modern gadgets from the now familiar computer and cell phone to the Ipod, Blackberry, phones that take photographs and send text messages, etc. allow for a huge world of interconnections and, on the negative side, interruptions. But, the plus side of that is no one need be lonely or isolated anymore.

While all of the gadgets may not have practical usage in your case, some can be very helpful and even life saving to the senior. A cell phone has certainly entered our world as a near, if not absolute, necessity. Maintaining contact in a busy, hurry up, rush around world is frequently a life line. Having a means for self protection is a form of insurance.

Allowing others to have your number, also gives permission for them to check up on you and be comfortable in the assurance that all is well.

Unexpected interruptions or delays are easily addressed by just a phone call, no matter where you are.

Another advantage is keeping phone numbers at the ready. They can be stored for easy retrieval. No more hustling through purse or pocketbook to find a needed number. needs?

The only disadvantage I find is in laying the phone down and failing to recall where. That still needs some work for those of us with shorter memories. For those with vision issues, who use the computer, there are ways to enlarge the print so that our shorter arms don’t have to be overused or overtaxed. Almost everything has been thought of to allow for convenience and usefulness, especially for the senior citizen.

So it goes, the world of innovation has been made available to those of us who live in a world of needed renovation. There are conveniences and gadgets out there designed just for us. They not only can expand our world, but enable our access to it.

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