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Senior Citizen Frustration Management

How many, how frequently, how numerous, how much, how often are the times when seniors deal with officials, professionals, clerks, representatives, assistants are we thrown into a state of total frustration and complete dissatisfaction?

How many calls have been made when attempting to identify an official with appropriate authority to identify some means for addressing an issue related to some business transaction, purchase, agreement or other arrangement caught up in a business deal in which the process went south, was clearly outside the boundaries of mutual understanding and contradictory to any expected outcome?

Much too often does it happen that the client, customer, whatever our label, is left with a legitimate reason for complaint.  Much too frequently are we left with nothing but disappointment and little more than a weak apology. Is it any wonder that when doing business these days with almost any institution or business, we do so with anxiety and the need for ample back up to protect ourselves as we cope with poor products, inefficient service, broken promises, and absolutely no satisfaction.

Customer Service First

Good business is that business that takes into account the customer’s satisfaction first. Good business is having a back up plan so that no incompetence, lack of skill, inability to communicate adequately leaves the customer or client with a sense of abandonment and distrust.

There is no valid reason for any client or customer ever to be left holding the bag, not given the benefit of the doubt, not allowed a sense that his/her complaint has validity.  There is no need for any person, having engaged in a transaction does not end that transaction with a 100%  matter closed with the outcome having been resolved in the behalf of the customer.

If not, then the customer’s position should always revert to an appropriately well mannered response in which the business is properly held to accountability and proof of future reliability.

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