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Dire Consequences for Poor Decisions

Maybe the best strategy for dealing with the “mess” in Washington is to declare bankruptcy. We own it.  It is ours.  Our trustees, the so called Congress of the United States, have messed with, tinkered with, obliterated all reason over a solution to our debt situation.  In the worst of worlds, when that happens, ordinarily bankruptcy is the last option.  It appears we are right on that line.

Businesses and individuals have faced and had to cave in to this last option.  Why not the government?  Sure it will create despair and panic, heartache and trouble.  Certainly it is not a desirable approach, particularly for all of us who will be most affected by it. But the infection is in the blood stream.  It is time for immediate and urgent and no-arguments-given action.

Inept and Inadequate Congress

The so called “Super Committee” danced around the Maypole, but a micro committee did nothing different than a macro congress and the problems remain and the players blame each other and nothing changes.  The players, that so called group of high and mighty “elected” or “bought” personnel who run the show at the behest of others, not the American public or the 99%, continue to turn their backs on the desires of that body politic. Reasonable approaches are refused.  Likely solutions are put down.  Proven methodologies are denied. Everybody in the sand pile insists on playing with his own toys, and keeping all the sand to him/herself.

Shut off payments of salaries and benefits and perks to congressional members and their staffs.  Deny paying the bills for the those who are hired to solve problems, who only insist upon continuing them and creating more. Garnish their wages.  Leave them their homes, but let them feel the pinch.  Radical? Exaggerated?  Probably.  But nothing else has seemed to work.

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