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Saturdays are Special

This is being written on a Saturday.  It struck me that Saturdays are different, even for Seniors, when everyday can be a weekend or holiday.  They are different largely because our expectations of the day differ from the other days of the week.  Saturday is, in the literal sense, a day off or apart when options are what we make them.

It is that time when reflection allows examining just what we will do with our time:  nothing at all, sip coffee until noon, relax, refuse demands, listen to your own heart and mind, ignore whatever you wish. A friend dropped this in his Facebook post recently: “Just because my wife tells me to do something, doesn’t mean she has to remind me every six months to do it.”

Retirement offers the option to be like Tom Sawyer, allergic to work.  Saturdays doubly so.  They are the one day that you don’t have to feign illness to get out of doing things.  It is an exclusively personal day, afforded folk who are finally completely in charge of their lives.  That’s why seniors choose to live in environments where yard work is anathema.  It is a day for choosing to be downright lazy, apathetic, disinterested or not.

No Rules For Retirement

Saturdays are, after all, a cherished gift.  Those who are burdened with the weight of obligation may feel the need to be up and about at some task or chore or left over project from a previous Saturday.  Nonsense!  Let Saturday be what it will be: no guilt, no imposed expectations, just a day when life slows to a less quickened pace.  Levis and a T shirt are fine.  No dress code comes with Saturdays.  A hammock is a good investment.  A casual walk with spouse, or your pet, or a friend might be about as much energy driven activity as you will desire.  That’s okay.  Saturdays are guilt free, coming with no pressure or demands, just a casual regard for the pleasantness of being able to do what you will.

Pleasure yourself on Saturday.  Don’t look for a reason why.  Just get into the flow of the river’s stream wandering on its way to nowhere, anywhere, somewhere.  There are no expectations, just the joy of being free and content.  Not a bad way to experience part of retirement.






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