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Seniors Help Themselves

Today’s list article puts ourselves squarely in the center of the target.  Taking care of ourselves is a huge priority.

Helping oneself to help oneself is, or ought to be, any day’s top priority.  So today, consider these suggestions for an improvement in your own day’s passing.

To end one day and begin another, GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Some struggle with this, while others find it to be a piece of cake.  My father in law, who lived to 96, said that when his head hit the pillow he was already asleep.  His daughter seemed to inherit the same quality.  Both demonstrate(d) daily pep, energy and vitality.Happy_elderly_people : Happy smiling senior couple embracing together at home

Observe nutritional menus. Keep yourself healthy by watching your diet; limit consumption of “junk food.”

Exercise.  Find a way to allow yourself adequate exercise daily.

Find humor in as much as possible.

Keep a positive perspective.

Allow your spirit to be fed by inspiration and meditation.

All of these actions are like identifying supplements.  Find what works for you and keep up the regimen.  Do not lag.  Do not delay.  Do not procrastinate.  Every day lost to indifference and laziness is unrecoverable.  Stay on top.



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