For Seniors, Saturdays Seem Redundant

May 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Because “every day is a holiday” to seniors, Saturdays seem redundant. They are an add on, a bonus, an extra surprise in the stocking.  It is a day when absolutely anything you want to do can be done.  There are typically no appointments on Saturdays.  Physicians take off, other of life’s essentials, like hair appointments, etc can be delayed to a weekday.  There is just no need to put one in the vise of trying to squeeze in mandatory activities.  Saturday is a void, all its own, in which you can choose to be in total limbo.  I have always loved Saturdays. There is a tranquility about them that is hardly experienced on any other day.

For the true retiree, nothing needs to be more important than doing exactly what one wants, in the way one wants on a Saturday.  Freedom is free.  No demands, no expectations, no “did you take  out the trash today.”   It is just a day for several cups of coffee, a relaxed breakfast, out if you choose, walking the dogs kind of day. It is a day to let your mind float in space, a day to plan to do something, but not do it if you don’t wish.  It is a day when washing the car might be a good idea, but could be delayed until Monday and the car wash.  Saturdays are like a free coupon, do what you wish with it.

Every Friday, I am elated that the next day is Saturday.  I know my spouse and I will likely have it all to ourselves. Our pets sense that it is day for the park, or an extended power walk.  We might run a few errands, but only those that can be delayed to another day, if we like.  The clue for Saturdays is to do nothing you really don’t have to do or want to do or can get away without doing.

I commend Saturdays to non retirees.  It is a great way to practice, rehearse if you will, for that day when everyday seems like Saturday.

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