For Retirees: It’s Friday, but Monday is Coming!

May 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

So here it is again, another Friday.  Here is that shortened day, when lots of folk leave the office early, plan a weekend excursion, have an outdoor project to complete.  Sounds pretty typical.  And it is for those whose lives are still occupied with “normal” schedules.  Seniors, retirees, those with ample weekday time on their hands are not held to such use of weekends.  Those of us who are post 70 appreciate the  luxury of time choices, of scheduling that isn’t surrounded by too many boundaries.  Today’s senior is freed to do lots of new and interesting things not available pre retirement.

Explorations are as prolific as imagination allows.  Retirees are able to create their weekends in the middle of the week, thus allowing for more flexibility, less crowded conditions, more open roads. With such far flung options, the retired person can plan well in advance, get the best accommodations, usually at reduced prices,  and enjoy the quietude of fewer people seeking out the space available.

So when considering holidays, think outside the box.  Our travel editor, a seasoned traveler himself, a guide with reputable organizations, and a curious person who is always looking for places to go and things to do offers a multiplicity of enjoyable options.  Follow his columns, explore where they lead you, decide to live a freed up life which offers short term adventures, and Utopian longer term holidays.

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