Footprints and Open Minds

Mar 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

That discovery of a million and a half year old footprint has turned a lot of assumptions on their proverbial head, questioning for those whether there has ever been anything inside the head? For the creationists and others who still insist that mankind came along only 5000 years ago, this has to shake their resolve. Well, maybe at least a little?

The wonders of discovery and science and research and probing and uncovering and finding and suggesting there is more to be found shatters the belief that it was all put together by a creator who acted by pointing HIS finger and shouting out orders. Can God, by any definition, be supremely capable of a strategy for creation that super
cedes fairy tales and myths?

The unfolding of life, still and yet, suggests the ability is there, the likelihood is enormous and humanity is certainly the continuing beneficiary of it all. It becomes suspicious that those who want to hold to the fairy tales and myths, do so out of an incredibly large ego that says, somehow our interpretation of creation is superior to God’s role in manufacturing it, however it was done. Omnipotence means “all power or all powerful.” Get it? Human references to God or gods, in whatever religious context, by definition reduce God’s godness.

The spiritual quest for God is richer and more critical an undertaking to prove that God did things “my” or “our” way.” The footprint found by researchers who spend their existence trying to get a glimpse of humanity’s past is, by its own act, an act of a creating God, who continues to urge us further into the jungles of our past, the wildernesses of our wanderings.

The more we come to know the greater the universe becomes, the more likely the “big bang” is more than a theory, the more Darwin becomes an important niche in our human experience and the magic of new finds about us and about spiritual dimensions of our existence.

So with every footprint we leave behind, may we forge ahead with Open Minds, ready for whatever incredible, sensational unfolding of our total life experience awaits us.

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