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Tips for Avoiding the Flu

Stay at home.  Avoid crowds and places where large numbers of people touch the products they are considering buying.  Stay inside during severe cold snaps.  Spend as little time as possible in grocery stores.  People have to eat.  Therefore, even when ill they will shop for food.  Use hand sanitizers in your home.  Place them in several strategic places throughout your home.

These may sound like simple, conventional suggestions.   But, they are important habits, routines, and behaviors to adopt during this flu season.  Even limiting the number of persons who visit in your home should be added to the list.  You don’t know where they have been or what precautions they may be taking, if any.

Seniors Most Vulnerable for Flu Complications

Because seniors are among the vulnerable, taking care to avoid the flu is the wisest of steps to be taken. Heading it off before it gets a toe hold is the desired strategy.  Eating healthy, avoiding chills and contact with persons who are experiencing symptoms, limiting contact in public places all may contribute to your not succumbing to the flu.

Complications from the flu bug include several that can be life-threatening for seniors: respiratory distress, pneumonia and debilitation are just the beginning.  Any illness creates general weakening in the body, and increases the risk of falling, which then creates another entire set of health issues that have to be addressed.

Boredom is preferable to fevers, chills and other signs of the approach of flu like symptoms.  Keeping yourself protected and staying away from situations that can introduce you to the flu may feel foolish, but rather to feel foolish than to come down with an illness that can be life threatening.

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