Finding What I Want When I Want It!

Feb 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

From among all the topics available to assist Seniors, how does one go about finding the very thing that may be most useful and helpful in a given situation?

Search engines are the normal means for seeking out the treasure you seek. They are filled with one line hints, topics, links, ideas, and so on for your getting from your need to your desired result.

The best way I have found is to enter one or two words which pertain to my search. For example, Senior Moments is my column, a part of my blog which is related to Senior Citizen Journal. Hints for finding such a blog can begin with a simple “senior living,” or “senior issues” or “senior helps,” or “senior citizen topics,” or “helps for seniors,” or “retirement living” and the list can go on and out into any direction you may want to take it.

Patience, persistence and targeted topics are the keys to finding what may be helpful in your situation. Once found, place your result in “My Favorites,” for easy retrieval. Much of the traffic, that goes to any particular site and develops a loyalty to it, comes about just as the result of folk who look around. Some of it comes from referrals of someone who has found it and believes it may be stimulating to someone they know.
In any event, a site worth its salt will eventually generate traffic worthy of its presence.

It is verboten to do self promotion here. This article attempts to introduce curious seniors to “seek and find.” You may be surprised just how much there is of worth, inspiration, knowledge, free advice, humor, hints, great ideas, short cuts, virtual courses on various subjects, and so on. Seniors today are among a generation that can be free of boredom, can continue to learn, can open up new vistas of opportunity and activity. It is a literal Aladdin’s Lamp, perhaps, unless treated respectfully, a Pandora’s Box. In any event it is here and available now for our use and offers expansion of the mind, inspiration of the spirit, counsel for the body, and social interaction with people all over the world.

Start your engines, you will be surprised at the destinations you will reach!

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