Finding Money in the Middle of a Recession

Feb 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Most everyone, especially the senior citizen, is in search of extra money these days. There seems to be a dearth of opportunities for finding it. In addition to the suggestions I made in my September 9 post, here are some more hidden pockets from which one can extract a few shekels.

*Just how many satellite boxes do you need? Each month you are charged for each of the cable or satellite boxes in your home. Are you using them with enough frequency to justify the expense?

*How many errands do you run in a week? How many can you eliminate? Even with gas at lower prices, a good discipline is to reduce those trips to the essential ones.

*Do you take clothes to the Cleaners? Are you being taken to the cleaners? Have you explored using your own dryer as your Cleaners?

*What have you done about reducing electricity use? Inventory how many lights, appliances, etc are being used in the course of a day and night. Practice turning them off, when you pass by them.

*How many subscriptions are you receiving? How many monthly obligations have you committed to? Can you eliminate any of them?

*How many vehicles do you own? Can you put one in storage (in your own garage) and reduce its use, licensing fees, insurance, and overhead?

*Are you paying for a storage facility? Why?

*Do you hire maintenance assistance for your lawn, home, pool, etc.? Can you do any of that yourself? Think of the exercise and the savings for motivation.

*Coupons are more popular today. Are you taking advantage of their availability?

*How much are you spending on out of home dining, recreation, etc.? What would it do to your situation to pare down eating out and so on?

*Are you spending money on books? Remember your local library provides books in all genres for free?

*How about your insurance policies? Have you examined your coverage, your deductibles, with an eye to reducing premiums?

*Are you donating everything you can (like the stuff in storage) which will give you a tax advantage for charitable deductions next year?

*Are you gifting family and friends less on holidays and other occasions to reduce the costs? They will love you anyway, if you just remember them on their day. By the way, some of the stuff you have in your own home, crystal, collected items, etc., can make wonderful gifts. Give it away now and reduce the clutter.

*Can you discipline yourself to eliminate impulse buying whether in the grocery or department store or by ordering things on line?

*These are some of the ideas which may spur others. Hidden money is there if you are willing to search!

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