Financial News: Seeking a Balance

Aug 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

My cousin, a retired employee with the FDIC, shared this website with me the other day: I heartily recommend it. One of the reasons is you quickly discover that we aren’t the only nation in an economic tailspin. Now, if you get satisfaction from that you are a true sadist!

Two articles struck me in my early reading:” UK House Possessions Hit 12 year High” and “Shanghai Stock Exchange Index off 57% from its Peak.” That will get your endorphins popping.

If we find “good news from bad” that may be about all we can expect these days. However, I would prefer to see a turn around to hit the headlines soon and everywhere. For that to happen will require a lot of us becoming better informed, more aware, less content with the ordinary sources of information.

I have read, even subscribed to “The Economist.” I refuse to watch news and financial “wizards” yell at me on those channels that carry such. I love the New York Times, most days. I have even peeked in on The Wall Street Journal now and again. That one may be somewhat suspect under its new ownership. The point is there are lots of places to go to sort out the news. Some will be heavily biased. Some will be genuinely “balanced and fair.”

“Calculated Risk” offers an underbelly overview (hmmm!) Give it a try to see if your own sense of informed opinion is offered a boost!

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