Fill Your Life With Satisfactions: Eight Bonuses for Senior Citizen Activities

Jan 5th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

2009 offers opportunities for creating a life satisfying series of days and moments. A year doesn’t happen all at once, even for senior citizens who decry how rapidly time flies. The Senior Citizen age is an everyday, minute at a time process. We surprise ourselves when we discover what we can do with time. The first goal of a senior citizen is to make every day productive.

So, here are some early New Year clues for filling life’s days with satisfaction.

1. Convince yourself that being of Senior Citizen age is a plus. Plan daily activities that under gird a positive attitude. Read books that enable your being a positive person, engage in exercise that assists your health and mobility. Look for one task to do that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

2. Identify one thing that you are exceptionally competent in doing. Do not limit yourself to the ordinary, but stretch yourself to find something you might have never considered undertaking: for men, how about knitting or cross stitching; for women, being able to work on your car.

3. Set a goal of the number of books you will read within a month’s time. Choose books you always told yourself you wanted to read.

4. Choose one volunteer activity per month that will give you a sense of community and interactive pride. Find something that allows you to be with persons whom you don’t normally identify as friends.

5. Work on your spirituality. Note, the word is spirituality, not religion. Identify with some group, spiritual discipline, devotional exercise which will enlarge sense of self worth.

6. Study your diet. Work with your spouse or significant other or a dietitian to be sure you are eating well and assisting your health with healthy meal planning.

7. If you need more to do, consider an unusual hobby. There are no limits on solid and available opportunities.

8. Get a good night’s sleep! Recommended sleep is 8 hours per night. Determine what schedule works best for you. Try not to vary it.

Finally, review your progress in meeting your goals to create a life satisfying pattern for yourself. Keep a Journal so that you may evaluate your progress or lack of it. In a few months, you will have created new, healthy habits which will contribute to your life’s satisfaction as a Senior Citizen.

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