Feeling Your Best Everyday

Feb 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

From the commercials on television, it would appear that feeling well is instantly available. All it takes is this pain reliever, that shampoo or conditioner, this facial cream or that hair restorer, this exercise program or that diet, this insurance or that, this tax lawyer or that, this automobile or that sleek model, this exercise machine or that, and so it goes! Every actor who appears in any of these “true” ads is always shown with white teeth glistening, smile pasted, happy go lucky demeanor.

While some of the advertised products may contribute to happiness, none of these make for happiness alone. Independent of your attitude about the wholeness of life and the fullness of your life orientation, none of these products is anything more than a box or a bottle on the shelf.

Searches for magic cures, elixirs, gadgets and gimmicks may be tempting, but often lack any ingredient to contribute to overall improvement. That begins with our own choices, disciplines, understanding of our needs, and addressing those needs with more than a self help book or CD.

Take it from one who went through radical surgery for removal of the prostate. My perception was that within a few weeks I would be well recovered. What with all the means for recovery available, I just knew I would be back to my old self in no time.
It is now more than a year later and my body, not to mention my mind, is still adjusting.

The latest result came when my weight gain took a spectacular ride on the up elevator. I thought when I stepped on the scales it would top out at max. Now, I am having to diet, for the first time in my life. No gimmicks, just an understanding, proficient spouse who is planning good, healthy meals and insisting I exercise.

Feeling your best everyday takes work. Maybe there are some Zippity Do Dah days for some, but for most, days are intermixed with various emotions, dynamics, feelings and physical highs and lows.

Addressing those with aplomb, finding a daily rainbow, sharing happiness with whomever you encounter are among the ways one feels one’s best everyday. I find the more I whistle, the happier I am. I know that if I start with an up attitude, my down syndrome will be nudged out. So here we are, another new day in which you can feel your best. How about that? Isn’t that better than searching for something out there that is really in here, inside your heart and spirit and body and soul?

I can’t give you a money back guarantee, excluding shipping and handling, but I can tell you that if you try this for one day, you will get the offer doubled overnight!

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