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No, this is not a travel article.  If you were expecting one, you should go directly to www.seniorcitizen.travel. for up to date and qualified information on travel.

This column today deals with a recommendation for finding all kind of subject matter online pertaining to aging. Articles of all kinds have been posted here since August, 2008.  These informative, sometimes inspirational, issues and articles offer comments, instruction, counsel, information, almost everything from Soup to Nuts.

Aware that many of you who visit us are recent guests to our site, we are aware that the traffic to a number of our articles recommends them to be read for the first time or revisited.  As we know, numbers don’t lie.  So visit one or another of these most frequented sites for a reminder of information and inspiration you might find useful the second time around.

Here they are:

  • senior citizen discounts: an extensive list of shops, restaurants, travel, cell phones, activities, entertainment, grocery, retail and apparel offering discounts for senior citizens;
  • Medicare explained: this article explains the four parts of Medicare and how one can access information to each of them online;
  • Alzheimer’s disease: this article offers an overview of Alzheimer’s disease, symptoms and treatment;
  • elderly fear and paranoia: distinguishing between fear and paranoia in the elderly is a big concerns for seniors;
  • health insurance for seniors: this article on health insurance (AARP) for seniors gets a lot of attention;
  • budget travel for seniors: many seniors look for ways to travel that are less costly and still pack a lot of fun;
  • health care reform and Medicare: seniors read this article to learn more about health care reform and the interplay with Medicare;
  • travel tips for seniors: many seniors enjoy this article about great tips for travel, as well as a funny story told by travel editor, Jim Becker;

These are some of the top-visited sites on SeniorCitizenJournal. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them!

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