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Admirable Worldwide Olympic Spirit

It has been a multifaceted two weeks.  They came from around the world, all 14,000 of them, competing in every sport imaginable, except Baseball and Football.  They performed at levels excelling the past competitors and showing the world wide audience that every country shares in the pride of being a part of such a display of competence and sheer ambition.

They allowed us all to swell with pride, for them and for their sport, as they repeated over and again a performance that any of us would like to be able to do just once.  Citizens from around the world showed their teams and the rest of us what it means to be there for those who have literally worked months and years to qualify and to compete.  Supporting the team is as critical as the team’s performance.

Great Britain did itself proud by laying out venues of architectural excellence and magnificent showmanship.  They set the standard for future cities and nations who host the Olympics.

Victory for the Entire World

The United States has good reason to be pleased with its record of chalking up Medals and extolling the virtues of those who raised the flag to such dizzying heights when receiving the Gold. Not alone, so have other countries proudly demonstrated their own skills and abilities.  We are all a part of a world  that can compete and join in the joy of victory.

Not a bad showing at a time when such disruption and international tension continues to be so prevalent.  A pretty good indication when people strive to demonstrate how they can work together to put on a performance of quality and sheer determination.

So to all, competitors and coaches, family members, team mates, all those who brought together the kaleidoscope of variety and sportsmanship, we applaud and honor you for giving us so much and showing the world that achievement is possible and universality can be a reality.

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