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Help From Our Readers

Our two sites, Senior Citizen Journal and Senior Citizen Travel, have attracted a faithful following. Many of you let us know you visit us with great frequency.  We are pleased.  Our Travel blog is done by our brother in law and his spouse. SCJ is managed by Sharon, my spouse, and me.

You are the engine that drives us.  Your attention to what we have to say day by day motivates us to keep a ‘goin.’   Some of you will recognize that line as having come from a column inspired by a dear friend of many years, who, as a retired actor keeps a ‘goin.’

Almost every senior citizen I encounter seems to deal with issues of adjusting to this state of being. Some have done it with aplomb.  Others not so well.  Among those who fall into the former category are many who have found that defining retirement is an everyday demand.

When employed, and some still are, we had our routine prescribed for us.  There was no question about what we would do and how we would spend our time.  Routine gave us the fuel to ‘keep a goin.’ And, for the most part, we went about it with determination and commitment.

Retirees Decide How to Spend Time

In retirement, however, it seems that retirement imposes the necessity of a daily evaluation of what we shall do with ourselves.  Some are better at creatively designing a path that is pleasant and rewarding.  Others struggle to find what the day will bring.

Many pre-retirees, whom I know, handle their refusal to retire by staying at the profession or occupation they have known for years.  They are fortunate.  They found a niche and continue to fit into it.  Friends who practice law, some physicians, persons who own their own business all seem to have held onto their identity and ability to keep at what they have done for years.

They are among the blessed.  But, there are others who have also left their previous identities to wander far afield, seeking to discover another course to take. It would be interesting to see a poll taken to illustrate just where seniors are in their search for a meaningful retirement identity.

There are several components to finding and sustaining a retirement that is enriching. Some include:

  • Start defining your style of retirement requirements before retiring.
  • Consider what you most enjoy doing.
  • Plan to locate yourself in an environment that allows it.
  • Be sure, if you are partnered, that your significant other agrees.
  • Be careful not to lock yourself into a situation that may not be lasting.
  • Identify your ability to meet the financial demands of your style of retirement.
  • Discover others with whom you can act out a fruitful retirement.
  • Try to keep your health vigorous and vital so as to be able to continue your retirement pattern.

There are numerous other considerations that are important to keep in mind.  As you anticipate or enter into the state of retirement, keep yourself open to defining and redefining what your expectations are for a fulfilling experience.

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