Experiencing Frustration, Conquering its Side Effects

Apr 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

*^%#@$!, translated that means “this damn computer.”  I have had more than a handful of recent articles turn bad on me.  The computer, by the time I have written the entire article, chooses somehow to eat all of my proffered and offered content.  The frustration lasts variously.  Sometimes the tail spin seems quite dangerous.  At others, nothing but resignation prevails.  At still others, I edge tossing the whole thing into the recycle bin.  I usually realize it would be no better for it to see its demise there than simply being allowed to be covered over at the local land fill. 

It is, for someone who counts himself as a  so called, sometimes writer quite frustrating to deal with a machine with a brain, self determination, will power and stubbornness.  See what  I mean.  The font suddenly changed on its own, with no known prompting from me.  I hate that.  I want to be in control of the outcome.  This machine, or whatever technological name it carries, is in control all on its own.  I havc searched, dug, reviewed all the possible places my articles may have hidden.  Nothing.  Nada. 

My spouse insists that the fault lies with the program I am using.  Am I not smarter than a program?  She has lobbied for a different type computer, touting all its qualities.  All I want is to be able, as in the days of yore, to turn it on and see words in front of me that make sense and resemble roughly what I have been attempting to communicate.  But, just as I am about ready to hit the Draft Saved key, something weird happens, and  before my very eyes, the entire document dissolves totally.  It is then that the language, noted above, issues forth, usually in the privacy of my own space.  That, however, makes no difference. The deed is done.  The wound is deep.  I am sentenced to try again, while trying to recover just a kernel of the idea I was developing. 

If you find you are feeling for me, because of similar experiences, your sympathy is welcomed.  I would, however, prefer to come up with better typing skills, an improved word processor, or perhaps return to the days of yesteryear when computers weren’t so damn smart.

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