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Concerns of Seniors

Aging has a way of introducing both expectations and disappointments. Expectations come when some plan is suggested for some future activity.  Disappointments follow when the expectation is not or cannot be acted upon.

Often, these disappointments come when a conflicting appointment interferes.  There are all kind of expectations which meet the barricade of disappointment.

Medical appointments are often cause for expectation or disappointment.  When an appointment is set, the expectation is that that is inviolate.  If it is cancelled, that  often means a worrisome delay.  Or, it may mean setting the appointment at a time that interferes with another appointment, one which you have been anticipating. Cancellations often have a domino effect, which create the ultimate disappointment of missing out on other desirable plans.

Seniors deserve the opportunity to have occasions for pleasure and enjoyable activities.  Just because one is retired does not mean that it is always convenient for seniors to rearrange their plans.

Expectations are a part of the senior’s life that need to be allowed for and given priority.  Luncheons, hair appointments, golf dates, discretionary activities with others, which can’t always be easily rearranged are what may seem incidental to anyone else.  But, to the senior it is an event of significance and something to look forward to.

Minimizing Regrets

One way to help minimize disappointment is to make plans with an alternate date for the activity.  If your partners or friends can agree to that, then disappointment may be alleviated.

While many seniors protest that they are busier in retirement than they were when working, not all seniors are so fortunate.  The other dimension is that not all seniors experience the latitude to afford or be able to enjoy such freedom.

Some many find themselves wanting to take advantage of invitations and activities, but because of extenuating experiences aren’t in a position to do so.  Pressing persons who refuse is not appropriate, unless they are prepared to share the reasons on their own.

In difficult economic times, it may be embarrassing to have to indicate that cost is a consideration.

Seniors are met with a whole series of issues that contribute to expectations and disappointments.  Finding ways to maneuver around them is extremely important.  Remembering the dynamics that contribute to a senior’s life and its enjoyment ranks high on the list.  Continuing to identify ways to create pleasure and excitement in a senior’s experience contributes to a healthy life style for the senior.

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