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Junk in Our Lives Needs to GO!

If you think this column will deal only with food, beware for we senior citizens consume junk in a variety of ways.

Junk is ingested definitely by our choices of food and drink we consume. Too much of the grocers’ shelves is dedicated to food, if examined closely, not suitable for our nourishment, dangerous to children, offensive to many health conditions, not compatible to our dietary needs.  Overeating is a huge problem for many.  Especially the obese.  Especially the diabetic.  Especially persons whose dietary habits go unchecked for a long period of time.  Watch out for Junk food in your diet.

Another ready source of junk being allowed into your system is too much attention to junk information. The primary source for most who experience junk coming into their minds, shaping their attitudes, molding their opinions, creating negative life shaping behaviors is all around us, every day.

Information comes at such a rapid rate that when having attempted to choose only that which is of intellectual quality and a resource for improving one’s life, we are met with a barrage of commercials whose content is offensive, unhealthy, lacking in truth, distractions from keeping focused on the positive and helpful.

Another source of junk being consumed, almost without our knowing it, is the very air we breathe.

A 24/7 invasion of our lungs occurs when we are in environments so polluted that we are, without even considering it’s happening, breathing in and out a flood of air infested junk.  Protesting the manufacturers who contribute to this most continues to be one means for trying to head it off.  But, as is clear in most major urban centers, other countries, e.g. China, and many other offensive measures we contribute to daily, we are clearly participants in this consumption and perpetuation of junk in our very beings.

More Junk in Our Lives

When considering that your daily diet is more than the food we eat, it becomes apparent that we are being dragged down by so many offensive attackers that it is no wonder our conditions, physically, emotionally, intellectually, organically aren’t worse than they are.

The spread of disease is another indicator of junk coming into our environments through insidious means that are yet to have cures that could prevent their attacking us.

The ruin of the water we drink comes back to haunt us as we drink from impure sources.

We demonstrate insensitivity by not even being aware of the numerous offenders that are taking us on.  It is time we awoke to a new regimen of defense. Having stirred our own  awareness of the demons out there that are as numerous as this season’s attack of cicadas or allergies, isn’t it time to refocus our part in holding back the enemies confronting us?

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