Effective Strategies for Dealing With Prostate Cancer

Mar 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The fraternity of men who have or will have prostate cancer can be encouraged to know that there are options available for dealing with it.

Early detection is extremely important to treatment and cure. There is no substitute for getting your PSA checked annually, or more often if you are at risk. Once diagnosed, wise choices about the oncologist you choose, the method for addressing the cancer, and following medical advice meticulously are all essential.

For those who have gone through a severe diagnosis (vs ‘it’s okay to watch and wait), quick action will be imperative. Delays or waiting to see if it gets better or goes away, are likely life-threatening.

The Don Imus situation is like many and can be viewed with an encouraging eye. There are some IFs which contribute to that, however.

They are:

If you let go of ego and move boldly forward with the goal of preserving your life, your chances improve.

If you act quickly, which means with your doctor’s advice and counsel, you will likely have a more satisfying outcome.

If you are a laggard, then you may need the physician to be very frank with you. Lost days may mean a shortened life. My doctor told me delay would have meant I would have died in my early 70’s of a miserable, painful death.

If members of your family will support, encourage and assist you, you will be in a healthy position going in to whatever treatments will be called for.

If you feel you need more information, counsel, or advice, get it, but hurry.

If you have friends, colleagues who have already gone through it, compare notes, find out their treatment of choice, but be sure when you decide you are comfortable with your own decision.

If you are wise you will try to get a good assessment of what awaits following surgery or your chosen course of treatment.

For those with any hesitance at all, I must warn you this could be literally a question of life and death. I welcome any questions. I am in recovery from radical prostatectomy surgery for now over a year and have no indicators of any recurrence. My PSA is zip! BE aware, there are side affects. Life won’t be perfect, but the marvel of continued living will be.

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