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Seniors Value Friendships

One might think that friendships, accumulated over the years, would finally spend themselves into oblivion.  That, however, is not the way friendship works.  Friendship is like earning credits, and every time you encounter someone you haven’t seen in a very long time, you end up spending some of those earned credits. You cash in some of the value of that friendship, even though you haven’t drawn upon it in a very long time.

Meet someone on the street, in a store, at an event, that you haven’t seen in a long time.  Immediately, your memory bank clicks in for a a name, a memory of recent encounter, a favorite story that helps identify that person.  A handshake, an embrace, some quickly chosen words, appropriate to the reunion and all of a sudden the earned credit of years past, experiences enjoyed, moments remembered are made real and brought to life again.  You earned that relationship and each of you holds something special about it that helps create the pleasure of seeing the other after a long absence.

Once the encounter is past, you then go about the need to reinvest credits all over again and for the next time.  Seeing someone and saying, “oh it is so delicious to see you again”  suggests that that friendship reminds you of something special, meaningful, worth sharing.  Long absences create the need for spending more of those earned credits.

Cherish Your Friends

By and by, there will be fewer friends with whom one can share those credits.  When you walk into a room in which there are numerous acquaintances, you do not look for who is not there.  Rather you seek out who is there.  Soon you are doing the social waltz, making yourself from person to person, a touch, a shared smile, a few words of greeting and the credits have made a down payment to keep that relationship alive, striking the spark that generates the warmth that you wish to experience again.

Oh, it is possible to move in and out of the crowd, with little having happened that fills your bucket with good time memories and happy moments.  There is little use in that.   What makes friendship a part of life’s sterling experiences is that you are giving and receiving simultaneously. You are spending and earning all at the same time.  Earn those credits, but do not selfishly harbor them. Get out there and lavish others with those credits, while watching your own credits increase in number and kind.

It was, by the way, very nice to see you again after such a long time.

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