Drawing Satisfaction from Just Being Alive: Inspiration for Seniors

Nov 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Go ahead, wake up! Nudge yourself out of bed. Enjoy the first glimpse of morning. Discount the temptation to snuggle in. This is the day you are going to do some things, enjoy some activities, relate to the world in ways you never have before. Working out drawing satisfaction out of just being alive is your assignment for today. And, if you can do it today, then repeat and improve upon it tomorrow.

Retirement, aging, arriving at the time when your discretionary choices are abundant compels imagination, creativity, energy, stimulation, concentration. In order to appreciate the day, you have to manage your choice of behaviors, activities, thoughts, plans. It won’t happen just because it is there. It only happens because your body, spirit and mind work in sync to bring about a coordinated and provocative course of action.

Here are some do’s and don’t for energizing your body, spirit and mind:

+Spend fifteen minutes meditating. Get your mind and spirit in a good place.

+Enjoy a healthy breakfast. No shortcuts. Stay tuned in to your body’s needs.

+Choose an exercise that energizes you. Nothing boring. Do something that stimulates your body to be active.

+Dress for the day. Don’t get in slovenly habits of dress, appearance and hygiene.

+If there are persons in your life who are having health issues, give them a call. Share some of your satisfaction.

+Invest in some reading, activity which will further energize you. Engage in conversations which make you smarter.

+Avoid the sofa or easy chair for so long as you can.

+If an afternoon nap is required to keep you going, put a limit on for how long.

+By the end of the day, evaluate what has been good about it, what might be added or changed and prepare for a better tomorrow.

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