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Retirement Challenges

In retirement, during those days when you are somewhat cast adrift, bored or otherwise feel useless, how do you find something in which to invest yourself that gives your life meaning and purpose and  satisfaction?

One of the admirable qualities of many who have retired is discovering something uniquely special and creatively enterprising that they can do. Some of the things include:  doing wood working, making toys for children, repairing bicycles and giving them away to children who wouldn’t otherwise have them.   Or having been somewhat proficient at mechanics, repair an old car and help a young man or woman learn how to keep it running.  Or build backyard playgrounds or identify city land on which safe structures can be built and maintained available for neighborhood children.

Doing what you didn’t know you could means taking on challenges that suddenly occur to you as something you might be able to do.  The local library may offer tutorial opportunities to help young people begin to take on challenges they didn’t know they could meet.

Doing what you didn’t know you could may mean helping a young person at a subject they find particularly challenging.  Enabling persons to be able to meet the challenges laid out before them offers means for helping others and yourself to grow.  Developing partnerships that help each person feel good about his/her contribution can be the start of an amazing transition in self confidence and accomplishment.

Watch for New Opportunities

Taking something and making it into something else can be the start of a dream.  Picking up old pieces of junk and transforming them into something practical or artistic or unusual can give the creator and the maker and the adult and the child a new sense of confidence and pride.

Time, energy, ideas and productivity can all be a means for useful expenditure of time.  It can also be the gifting of possibility, the possibility for opening a door or a window that otherwise may have remained closed.  Just think of all the stuff and junk that might become a masterpiece, a nudge, a symbol of something else and a gift to others.

Try doing something you didn’t know you could do. Offer the chance to someone else to join you in your undertaking.  Allow the universe to become larger for someone else.  Give the gift of an idea to someone just waiting to be shown a path not previously taken.

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