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A Senior’s Perspective

As we grow older, life’s several surprises seem to increase in number. Being a prolific reader, I am somewhat taken aback every day by the number and variety of surprises that come our way.

We are met these days with a multitude of “you’ve gotta be kidding” occasions.  They are climate driven, economically inspired, human behaviors, nature induced, and psychological mysteries that seem to just keep on coming.

It is as if we live in a constant “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” kind of existence.  The more weird they are, the more likely they get space in the headlines and news shows. We have become entranced by the unusual, amazing,  incredible, until these over used words  fall far short of adequately describing  what we see, hear and experience.

Choose Your Surprises

Life is overwhelmed by surprises every day.  Breaking News is a constant, not an unusual phenomenon.  Fortunately, once in a while the bizarre gives way to the beautiful.  Scanning Facebook, news sources, and occasional touching pieces, one finds that it is still possible to come upon a surprise now and again that offers remarkable insight, a testament to the good, an indication of human behavior demonstrating sensitive kindness.

Daily, my goal has become to press on in search of more humane and deeply caring examples of surprises that help lift the human spirit. Doing so is like finding that I had more in my account for appreciation of the world than I realized.

My invitation to  others, as we share messages of surprise and wonder, is that we do so motivated by initiatives that emphasize the good, the kind, the true, the mystical magic of a world that awaits our discovery of its many hidden surprises.

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