Depression in Seniors

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Is Depression Normal?

Depression in senior citizens tends to go largely unnoticed. A study by Mental Health America revealed that 2 out of 3 seniors knew ‘little or nothing’ about depression, while only 42% of seniors said that they would seek medical help if they felt depressed. Worryingly, almost 3 in 5 seniors were willing to accept depression as an inevitable part of aging.

Why is depression kept so secretive amongst senior citizens? Maybe they don’t recognize the extent of their depressive feelings or maybe they don’t want to talk openly about it because it might worry younger relatives. Conversely, some seniors might love to open up about their depression but don’t have anyone to whom they can talk.

Help for Seniors With Depression

Have you noticed elderly relatives becoming very withdrawn or finding it hard to get enthusiastic about anything? Has their appearance become untidy or have they been neglecting their health? If you’ve noticed any of these, they could strongly hint at feelings of depression in older people so it’s time to intervene. Try to persuade them to get involved in activities that will bring happiness and fulfilment, such as joining an interest group or volunteering with a community project. If the depression is extremely acute, enlist the help of a counsellor.

This infographic from Be Independent Home Care points out the warning signs of depression and explains how it differs from dementia, a condition with which it is frequently misinterpreted. By recognizing the problem sufficiently early, you can act on it and make a huge difference to a senior citizen’s life.


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