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Seniors Living Longer

Surrendering to disease is not the only option available to us as we age. Three of the obituaries in a recent New York Times illustrate that most of us are living well into our 80’s. Increasing longevity is a new reality for our generation.

With the gift of longer life, the necessisty of taking on a healthy lifestyle becomes all the more essential. Heading off diseases that compromise our abilities to be up and out becomes a priority agenda.

Many seniors today choose to live in environments that offer super active lifestyles. The boom in the population of older persons having moved from the chill of the midwest to multiple days of sunshine attests to how seniors are addressing the opportunity to be healthier. An active approach to day to day living offers the first line of defense against illnesses that might otherwise compromise one’s  health.

Associating with persons who share your interest in healthy living habits will make it easier to get into the habit of heading off subtle and ordinary illnesses that might otherwise challenge you.

When you have developed a regimen of activity, diet, rest, vitamins and mental acuity that keeps you feeling well from day to day, you are on track for having more good days than bad, more enriching occasions for living a rich and productive life.

Heading off disease comes as a natural consequence of developing a healthy pattern of living.

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