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Managing Pain With Seniors

Holding back the scourge of pain that comes with  aging requires intentional discipline, some avoidance, and lots of endurance. Among the many difficulties aging introduces, some can be fraught with physical downturns, e.g. arthritis, intestinal difficulties, vision issues, mobility concerns, memory failure, you may name one or two and the the list still won’t be complete.

Gather a few senior adults in a circle and ere long you will have heard a collection of woes that will be enough to invite discouragement and disable an otherwise good attitude.  The facts are, however, that many seniors are plagued with both physical and emotional downturns.  Heading off the temptation to have  your days overcome with pain and misery is no small task.  Depending  on your genes, you may be lucky enough not to have so many.  My father-in-law died a few months back.  He had reached the healthy age of 96.  He could report that pain had never been a problem for him.  His mind grew less sharp.  His body, however, with the exception of a Pacemaker assisted device kept him going fairly well.

Pain and discomfort are issues that seniors find both tedious and worrisome.  Trips to one physician or specialist or another often crowd your calendar with appointments and therapy sessions that you had just as soon avoid.  It is deal with the pain or undergo methods for reducing it.

Proactive Steps to Cope

When one’s best days are those in which you can report reduced distractions introduced by pain, one becomes aware how wonderful it is to welcome such mornings.  When a physician reduces some medication because you seem to have improved, that is good news both to your pocketbook and disposition.  The victory over pain experiences becomes moments of relief and for celebration.

The other day I was greeted by severe morning pain.  It appeared the morning was not to be a good one.  I resolved, however,  to take the lead.  I took 2 OTC pain reducers and sat perfectly still for a couple of hours.  And, walla, the pain was significantly detoured and the balance of the day endurable.  Not a magic formula, just one on that particular day that seemed to work for me.

Finding ways to keep your pain threshold at a level that allows for you and those around you better days may seem like a wearisome and boring way to spend your time.  However, being pain free and able bodied is, for those of us who must cope with its consequences, a task offering pleasure and satisfaction, even if only briefly.

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