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Senior Positive Living

There are consolations in growing older.  In spite of some of the evidence to the contrary, we can all list those, there are rich rewards in coming to an advanced age. The challenge is to recognize those shifts in our patterns of living.  Some are subtle.  Some dramatic.  Others are refreshing.  While still others are challenging.

They come upon us with consummate regularity.  We are not, if we are in charge of ourselves, held captive by the changes of living, the shifts in our living, the adjustments required.

Most of us are subject to mistakes, errors in judgment, choices that weren’t smart.  But all of us, if we wish it, are capable of a second shot, a chance to improve on what we have been. While do overs aren’t in the book,  a changed perspective is.  We can learn from our foul ups, from those mistakes.

Adjust Attitudes

We really can adjust the mechanisms that affect our behaviors, that contribute to our foul ups.  We really can come to an agreement with our self perception that declares “I don’t have to be this way anymore.” You have known persons who have taken that road and have come out at the other end transformed. You have noticed the change in someone who has given permission to his behavior to act differently.  And, you have seen that it is good.

It takes courage to make an adjustment in attitude.  It takes evaluation and careful review. It involves one’s whole self.  It includes close self examination.  It means becoming your own best critic.

I know persons like this.  I am richer because of them.  I am motivated by them.  I am aware that they have acted on qualities of goodness, kindness, self discipline. They have come to that powerful moment in life when they have heard and acted upon the dictum “Know thyself.”

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