Congratulating the Charitable

Mar 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For those who emerged out of the 50s, a sure sign that things are going south is that Playboy will not sponsor an All America Weekend, tied to sports, certainly including football. Simultaneously, Mr. Hefner has a mansion on the market, listed for around $26 million.

Sure signs of change are definitely penetrating even the world of glitz, glamour and, the previously worshipped celebrity clientele. Is this good or bad? I suggest it is both. Celebrities in their most shining moments offer enormous support for many serious causes. They grant the use of their names, homes, presence to stimulate interest in and support for children, terminal illnesses, global issues and causes. So, for the hypocritical who take pleasure in the fall of the “great,” perhaps we might consider at what cost to others this comes.

Many well known charities and foundations and causes have been, like all else, struck by what has been called “Father Greed.” Some of the well heeled have continued their mal adventures at the cost and sacrifice and pain of others. Surely, somehow, their payday, or lack of it, will come. While I am not a “vengeance is mine, thus saith the Lord,” I do believe love is the greatest force in the spinning universe and will have its day.

This is a time for goodness and for me and my house we will support and applaud all and any who are trying to rectify evil and root out harm. How persons choose to express their stewardship is up to them. How God chooses to meet those on the plains of heaven is up to God! So before we curse the darkness, let us give thanks for the few who still light candles, who still believe in the goodness of fellow humans, who still find that charity is like faith and hope, but it’s still the greatest of all.

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