Christmas Shopping is a Habit

Dec 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you are a Christmas Shopper who is in the throes of deciding how to manage this year’s gift giving challenges, perhaps it is a good time to alter your behavior.

Christmas shopping is a tradition to be sure, one that is skillfully encouraged through advertising. Sometime, shortly after the holidays, in year’s past, examining just how far one has taken the addiction adds up to quite a little sum.

It appears, this year, more circumspect judgment is being used in forays to shop and buy. Good news.

In order to contribute to a greener world, a fatter pocket book, a reduction in what ends up in landfills this may be a remarkable side effect to the current downturn.

How do I resist the temptation to shop anyway?

Examine your understanding of the holiday. Determine whether you are following the consumerist urge or the “peace on earth” message.

Inventory your gift list. Do persons on your list really want or need another something. Perhaps they would prefer a more personal symbol of your thoughtfulness?

Is this a good way and a good time to set an example for your family and friends in showing that the worship of stuff is really chasing after futile idols and ideas?

Assisting the GNP may be a worthy indicator of your concern for the national economy, but aren’t there more direct and personal issues deserving our attention?

If no one receives a gift from you this year will it really damage your relationships with those who normally do? If so, then it may be time to question why they expect a gift.

Can you really communicate your affection and appreciation of others through methods other than gift giving? And can you come to a new definition of “gift?”

Finally, are you willing to write a note card that expresses in 25 words or less your gratitude for that person in your life? Send it by snail mail, or deliver it in person, be present, if possible, when it is opened. Share a touching moment when both of you experience the joy and intimacy of Christmas giving!

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