Choosing How to Behave

Jun 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Aging brings with it making choices from a variety of behaviors.  Our daily walk, with our dogs, illustrates the point well. The walk surrounds an absolutely beautiful pond and fountain.  The fountain is reputed to be the highest in the world.  Persons from the community assemble here daily for their morning constitutional and walking their variety of breeds around the 1.2 mile circle.  Encountering walkers, some with and some without dogs, is a study in the human race.  Some (most) are older and pleasant.  A few give no indication of the presence of anybody or anything else as we pass. 

This environment seems, however to be more conducive to friendliness and hospitality than say a grocery store or a busy mall.  Clearly, the evidence of behaviors and choices is demonstrated in these environments.  People literally make choices, although small ones, every moment.  They choose to be effusive, welcoming, inviting, magnetic, kind, thoughtful in their behaviors with every encounter.  Some stop to greet the dogs, picking up on a conversation with the pet owner and thus engaging in a social and friendly trade off.  Some walk by, smile-less, with no engagement of eye or voice.  Choices.  

Daily state of mind is a choice.  The balance of the day presents innumerable choices for interaction, reaction, action.  Choosing with care your response to any situation will also offer opportunities to learn how to manage your disposition in ways that affect others.  if you want to draw persons to you, as bees to honey, then choices will be required to create that opportunity.  What are some of the qualities to be sought in our choices?

*Pleasantness–a state of mind which requires serenity and calmness.

*Sincerity–no put ons or thespian like behaviors which can be quickly detected.

*Genuineness–facial, verbal, nonverbal and inviting behavior which welcomes persons into your orbit.

*Earnestness–resonating with seriousness to the other person’s needs and conversation.

*Sharing–giving and receiving laughter, tears and whatever an occasion may require.  

When encounters are ended, create an atmosphere for wanting to repeat the opportunity to be together again.

These choices will draw others to you and you to them.  Choose carefully and well.

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