Change is Like a Four Letter Word

Feb 25th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Morning routines help set up the day for senior citizens. We start with either radical enthusiasm or slowly and deliberately as we examine the day and the body we bring to it. If you are a consumer of news via newspapers left on your front porch, the Internet, or television cable, your day may need more inspiration because of all the information.

Whatever else comprises the morning routine, eventually facing the changes the day brings will be necessary. Escaping the realities of the changes, occurring just over the past 24 hours, is an impossibility. There is, no longer, an escape route. Change is wherever you are and it seeps into your life and influences your routine, at least eventually.

Right now, the enormous changes occurring in the economic structures of our world are particularly intimidating to the senior citizen. One of the basic needs of the senior is stability. Change interferes with that, or seems to. Because of the nature of the economic tsunami, everything else seems to be affected.

Change, then, which we have always thought moved toward the progressive and the good, now creates whole blocks of ambiguity.

The truth is, like it or not, life has always been fraught with its unpredictability. Perhaps the difference is in volume and frequency, but it has always required our resiliency. It does no good to curse the darkness! Day will come, perhaps not as soon as we would like, perhaps not with all the satisfactions we seek. Meeting it with four letter words because it does not meet our standards will not open radical new dimensions to our level of living. Awakening to the new adventures and possibilities and creativities available at the dawn of every day will give promise to the use of the 1440 minutes set before you.

When it feels as if Change is a four letter word, perhaps a brief contemplation of life without change would be in order.

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