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Seniors Show Compassion

For you seniors who have family or friends who are care center residents, or just enjoy the experience of showing compassion, visit them as often as you can.  Make it a regular routine.  Assist them in looking forward to your visits.  Take them for a walk.  If mobile enough, go out to lunch. Especially this time of year, give them extra attention, bring small gifts, share the spirit of the season.

These and a variety of other activities can make an otherwise ordinary day special and remarkable for an elderly person.  Look for ways to bring joy to the dull passing of time many of them experience.   Find other friends who may join you in such occasions.  Take along favorite games.  Bring a book.  How about a bouquet from your  garden?

Make Time with Elders Special

Spend time listening to her/his stories.  Life stories reveal fascinating details of a life lived, a journey enjoyed, a time long past.  Take along a child, a relative or neighbor, who can bring the sunshine of youth to the room of your elder friend.

Create an environment of this time, set aside just for the one being visited, as an especially important one and a happy, anticipated one for you.

Bringing life to persons who are experiencing the loneliness of end of life experiences is a noble and kind way to demonstrate compassion and caring. Take cookies or a bowl of soup or a box of chocolates.  Let them know that every time you are together it will be a time of magic.

As easy as it is, don’t put it off.

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