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After Effects of Cancer

A visit to my Oncologist this week will reveal that cancer surgery for the removal of my prostate is successful with no indication of any return after five full years. That is good news.  The down side is that there have been several side affects that have contributed to life’s not being quite the same.  They are incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and loss of stamina.

Some would argue that that isn’t much of a trade off.  And, indeed there are days I would agree.  I am now nearing 74 and the limitations are unsettling and just that, limiting.  The trade off is that I am alive. And that, of course, is a good thing.  But, beware, those who have been diagnosed, there is no perfect cure or solution.  There is a cost associated with choosing almost any treatment.

Medical Science Progress

Medical science is indeed wondrous and the option for highly aggressive cancer, robotic surgery, is being touted as the best means for addressing prostate cancer with no side affects. May it be so.  Those of us who have already made our choices and live with the consequences have no further options.  We will need to live with the results associated with our earlier surgeries.  With death as the final option, that is not altogether bad.

There has been much touted about over aggressive treatment of prostate cancer by physicians in recent months.  That suggests that the need to identify newer and safer treatments is all the more critical.  It may take time, but on this side of the funeral home, that is a luxury one can best afford.  Checking out the variety of treatments, the statistics favoring one over another and the potential consequences is the best counsel any oncologist can offer. Don’t rush, unless, of course you are at Stage IV and your Gleason scale is exceptionally high, as mine was.  With the new robotic surgery now available, there may be good news for any of those who have been presently diagnosed.  If so, good luck and thanks to modern medical progress.

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