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Economic and Social Conditions Depress Seniors

One wonders if a year that begins with a month that has a Friday the 13th can really be a good omen.  We were met with just such a circumstance last week.  One is pressed to admit that 2011 didn’t turn out feeling all that greatIt was the year of a downhill slide for many in the American cultural milieu.

Unemployment, reduced incomes, challenges to the safety net, radical assertions of what may be next in removing security from the social makeup of our nation, more sliding into poverty and homelessness, severe challenges to the educational systems, concern over health care and its availability, more persons relying on food banks,  fear over impending loss of jobs, the spectre of the rich getting richer and the poor staying that way are the ingredients that leave a bad taste in one’s mouth.

So how does 2012 look from your perch? Do you expect a significant change in the conditions that meet and influence us all?  Do you think improvement is on the horizon?  Do you find any believability in what we are being told by those with p0litical self interest to protect?  Do you think that persons whose lives have been rent asunder by the real time catastrophes affecting them can really be helped?

Maybe expecting Publisher’s Clearing House representatives to arrive at your door is about as much hope and promise one can have.  Such fantasies, deeply seated in those who buy lottery tickets, seem to drive the hope for a better tomorrow.  It never comes.  But the “give away” industry continues to thrive for those who think it might.

Will there be a sudden flurry of job openings making available new “real money” employment for those who continue to send in their resumes or stand in long lines seeking a steady job?

Fundamental Changes in the United States

America has fundamentally and radically changed. Drive through rust belt cities where the revelation of job loss and home foreclosures have been like a tornado sweeping through neighborhoods. Huge shopping centers, vacant and shabby, manufacturing concerns, long lost to transfer of assets to other countries, all stare back offering no promise, no hope.

Will all this be turned around?  Or will we sink further into the abyss of despair?

It will take more than a vote on primary day or in November.  It will take more than dropping a few coins in the beggars cup.  It will take more than rhetoric designed to mesmerize, but not alter any real conditions real people are having to face. It will take more than lashing out on facebook at those who, after an average of 10 months trying, the highest record ever, still can find no job.

America has changed.  It has changed for those who are relatively secure, but face their own dread and anxiety.  It will do no good to build a rock wall around your own life and treasures.  It will do no good to join the forces of those who spread hate and venom and prejudice.

What will matter is waking up every morning with a strong intent to join the legion of those who are trying to sort out how to be helpful, and then doing so.  What will matter is intentionally embracing those whose struggles are so vast that they are waiting for the rest of us to help them through the quicksand of their perilous lives.  What will matter is discovering just how much America has changed and what our role is now in creating rainbows where dark clouds have gathered.

The practicalities of all of this are met in the hearts and minds and spirits of people who can and do care and can and will do something about it all. Before the next Friday the 13th comes in April or in July, can we expect any difference to have been made?

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