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Christmas Shopping Early

The article from almost a year ago deals with “Christmas Gift Giving for Seniors.”  It was dated December 4, 2011.   Sharon wrote it, and it offers helpful suggestions for selecting appropriate gifts for Senior members of the family. But now? It’s not even September. Yet someone in their need to be prepared has already visited this site. It is from December of last year. Thank you for relying on our site to be helpful, but it really is only August.

Now, I know why department and big box stores have already started pushing products and the idea of Christmas. Being ahead of the curve, outwitting those who believe the official shopping start date is Friday after Thanksgiving now is readying persons to buy at the same time they are purchasing school supplies for their kids upon their return to school.

Let’s Have Some Fun Here

What’s Next? Why not combine all the post summer holidays into one great big, humongous shopping festival and set the date for sometime around July 4. That way, stores don’t have to worry about being first and Christmas decorations can stay up all year round.

Another idea: connect it to No Tax Day, which would offer savings to shoppers, but frustrate sales tax collections. Maybe if there are quarterly events to mark shopping spree occasions, one can just blend into the other. No breathers. Just have a huge ongoing sale that marks the special occasions and keeps the promotions going. Or, maybe a store can divide departments seasonally so that any product applying to a specific holiday can be available all year long. Why wait? As the urge arises, meet it.

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