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Dealing With the Agony of Loss

Each day brings more revelations of those affected, of those touched, of those involved, of those whose tears won’t stop.  The tragedy in Newtown is, to be sure, one of the worst catastrophes that could possibly invade anyone’s life. Cataclysmic and horrendous.  Are there any words that conjure up just how profound the pain really is?

Persons most affected, those far distant, those whose empathy stretches beyond any miles, the many who know, somehow deep in their hearts and souls, what agony those nearest must be enduring. It will not subside suddenly.  It will not dissipate easily.  It will not ease immediately.

Each seeks to find something that helps.  Some salve, some balm, some relief, Oh, Please dear God.

A Long-Term Formula for Managing Grief

A momentary formula, repeated over and over which may offer some solace is to: breathe deeply, pray earnestly, and live purposefully. Even this is no magic formula.  Even this won’t come with ready application to dissolve the piercing agony.  No simple recipes.  No quick fix.  No magical application.

Breathe Deeply. Allow your inner being to feel the power of air filling your lungs and your soul, your spirit and your being. Repeat it.  Do it again.  Clear the fog.  Remove the pollution so prone to invade our lives.

Pray Earnestly. Deep reaches for deep.  Search for words that do break through the barricades erected by the disappointment and delusion of these days.  Blend your hearts with others who, like you, are trying to find the secret for an abiding peace, a lasting healing, an overwhelming sense of relief.

Live Purposefully. What now can life inspire after so much grotesque ugliness and scar tissue has been rendered?  Surely, somehow, someway, through some grace, goodness can prevail.  Surely, these are not the moments which will overtake us, belittle us, destroy the fabric of our very beings.  Surely, goodness and mercy will raise its harmony among us.  Surely the grace of love and the power of compassion will enable a spirit of good over evil.  Surely kindness and benevolence will rise above  the small and petty.  Surely, we will find purpose in what we do and how we give now to others in their moment of absolute despair and grief.

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