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Alarming Info About Baby Boomers

Statistics suggest that the rate of suicide among Boomers is on the rise. Reasons: lack of success, inability to emulate their parent’s style of living, a discouraging decline in economic promise, more indicators that the future looks bleak and so on.

With that discovery, some Boomers are turning to the frighteningly hopeless tactic of committing suicide.  What a sad commentary on our times and the world we occupy.  To be sure, aging has its downsides.  No question that, with age, comes some difficult and disconcerting dynamics.  Perhaps, having had it too easy has produced unrealistic expectations and shattered dreams.

Whatever the influences that contribute to the desire for escape, the lack of being able to generate “stick-to-it-iveness” and the will to pull it off, there is something to be said for the resolve to “buck up” and meet every downturn with determination and courage.

Taking the route of least resistance suggests that one’s own life experience, abilities, and world view have not developed well. Having the hutzpah to sort out the downturns gives us the resolve to be the person to live up to our life choices.

The annals of history are filled with persons who, at one point or another, in their life, made a choice not to allow despondency and disdain for one’s place in the world to take over.  They looked out upon the landscape of their existence and determined they would take a different path, a road not taken, an adventure which could lead to thrill and wonder and accomplishment.

Message for Boomers

Those of us, past the Boomer era, may offer our own model for living through the hard times. Whatever the stimulus to end life, there are more reasons to make of life a rewarding experience in creating good, in inviting release from pain, in sharing affection which enriches the soul, in defeating the dark forces that would steal us from having a productively exciting life.

Knowing the uniqueness of yet to come contributions is reason enough to keep on the path of living a full life.  From that may emerge, cures for incurable diseases, opportunities for enabling wonderful  inventions, insights gifting solutions to complex issues.  Maybe you are one who can help prompt a cure for despair.  Maybe you are the one who can lift us out of the pit of our discouragement over a world in turmoil.

Please don’t sell short what it is you have within you to bring light and inspiration and brilliance to this world and time.

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