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Help for Elderly Loved Ones at Home

Mother, at 93, has begun experiencing aging difficulties that impair activity, reduce mobility, compromise all sorts of involvements at her age. When we moved to Arizona, we committed to bringing her to be a part of our family household.  We understood the nature of the several demands and requirements that would imply.

After attempting to address those on our own for a few weeks, we turned to the services of a well qualified and professional Hospice program available to persons her age and in her condition. It was both the smart and right thing to do.  While it is noble for family to want to be there to meet all the day to day needs, it is also likely to be unrealistic.

Health-care professionals, whose skills are such that they remove enormous stress, provide services required on a regular basis and offer friendship and companionship that would not otherwise be available.

Likely, the latter is among the most important of the services provided.  It happens in the course of care taking.  And, the outside care taker brings something of the rest of the world into the life of one who is now experiencing limitations and decreased activity.

Home Health Care Services for Elderly

More than that, however, are the practical services that are provided.  Among those who come during each week is a nurse’s aide who bathes and cares for her hygiene, twice a week.  A social worker makes a call twice a month;  a clergyperson is available, if desired;  an RN who looks after the more serious health complications that need addressing comes twice a week, offering very professional attention to those concerns too  complex for ordinary care takers trying to offer their more limited skills.

It is no small measure of how critical and valuable Medicare services are. Unseen, unacknowledged persons make their routine calls, provide routine care and enable encouragement to those who would be otherwise challenged by all that caretaking presents.

In the raging battles over Health Care, it would be well if more persons could experience first hand just what it means to have the assistance of those whose training, sensitivity and skills offer regular inspiration to both those who are being cared for and those of us trying, in our feeble way, to do the caring.

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