Baby Boomers Retire in Unexpected Places

Aug 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

A recent news article presents some interesting information about where Baby Boomers are choosing to live in retirement.  Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, during the post World War II era.  Some of them are now choosing to retire; many have decided to continue working in a satisfying career that isn’t over on an emotional level.  BBs have, in a sense, redefined many traditional cultural values in the United States, and challenged long-standing traditions.  They’ve had a clear effect on the course of history in America.

Seventy-six million babies were born in the Baby Boomer years.  As they retire, the senior citizen population will grow exponentially.  The need for good medical care will explode, retirement centers will pop up in cities and small towns alike, and retired BBs will be studied endlessly to determine who they are and what they want/need in their lives.

One of the interesting bits of data that has already been identified is that BBs are not choosing to live in the traditional retirement centers in the country–South Florida, South Texas, Arizona and Southern California.  Where are they retiring?  In the beautiful mountains in the west (Oregon, Northern California, Montana, Colorado) and in tranquil country locations close to large metropolitan areas, but far enough away to create some serenity in their lives.  Loveland, CO… Las Cruces, NM… Greenville, SC.  To be sure, some prefer to retire in cities like Portland, OR, or on a beach like Rehoboth Beach, DE.  And Sarasota, FL, remains a popular retirement center just like it has been for our parents and grandparents.

Ann Arbor, MI, was identified as the #1 Retirement Hometown in the country by AARP recently.  With its 150 parks, it is a popular retirement center in the Northern states, and definitely not one our parents would necessarily have chosen.  Montpelier,VT, and Tucson, AZ, round out the top ten list, both smaller communities with small-town atmosphere.

BBs have many options to consider when they plan for retirement.  And it’s refreshing to learn they are looking at options beyond beaches and golfing communities.  Check out the entire list of most popular on this link.  The slideshow is worth watching.

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